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Hourly Hotels

“SkyHome” is a network of mini-hotels in Kyiv.

We have comfortable rooms with the author’s design, pleasant atmosphere and convenient location – a few meters from the metro stations and transport interchanges.

Mini hotel SkyHome offers for its guests rooms to rent by the hour in Kyiv, with all conditions for a comfortable rest, a romantic date or productive work at any time.

How to book a room by the hour

If you want to book a room by the hour in Kyiv in our mini-hotel, leave an online application form or call us by phone:



The minimum stay is 3 hours.

The addresses of SkyHome mini-hotels in Kiev:

  • Goloseevsky Ave., 27: the right bank of the Dnipro, two minutes walk from the metro station “Goloseevskaya”;
  • pr. Nauki, 54-B: the right bank of the Dnipro river, the hotel is located near Demeevskaya metro station
  • st.Elena Pchilka, 5: left bank of the Dnipro river, the hotel is near “Pozdnyaki” metro station.

In our mini-hotel there are hourly rooms of different formats: one-, two-, three-bed rooms. Class: “Economy”, “Standard”, “Luxury”.

Payment can be made by cash or bank transfer (Privatbank and Monobank cards).

The advantages of SkyHome hotels network:

  • author’s design of rooms: each room in a boutique hotel is made in author’s style;
  • microwave oven, kettle, iron, plasma TV;
  • free Wi-Fi and 24-hour cable TV in every room;
  • clean and fragrant bed linen and fluffy towels;
  • orthopedic mattresses;
  • in each room a mini-set of cosmetics;
  • drinking water, available in any quantity, free of charge.

Who will like the Hourly Room Rentals service

Hourly hotels are a trend in major metropolitan areas around the world. And the SkyHome hotel chain has joined it: we offer a room for an hour to those who want to be alone, to be alone with yourself and your thoughts, to abstract away from the situation in the world. Our cozy rooms have become a favorite place for many travel-bloggers, businessmen, athletes, and those who need privacy for work or leisure.

You will also like our hourly hotel in Kyiv if you want to

  • to work in a quiet environment: all rooms have Wi-Fi, chairs, beds, where you can sit down and fully concentrate on your work project;
  • arrange a romantic date: you can rent a cozy room by the hour. It is an ideal place for a romantic meeting.
  • we also guarantee 100% confidentiality, and we can help you arrange a bird’s eye view date with champagne and chocolates. And if you want to add a hint of passion to the romantic ambiance, order rose petal decorations. The friendly staff will scatter them on the bed for you. During your date you will enjoy the magical atmosphere of the room and the wonderful view outside the window: you will see the city bathed in lights;
  • relax between flights, meetings, and sightseeing trips: sometimes sightseeing trips and meetings can be so tiring that you just want to lie down for a few hours on a soft bed, relax, and drink a cup of tea or coffee. In a mini-hotel with hourly pay SkyHome there are all conditions for such kind of rest.

SkyHome – it is comfort, coziness and 100% cleanliness!